On August 29, 2018, we officially opened our new warehouse. We were honoured with the presence of almost 100 guests. The opening was attended, among others, by

  • MP Ryszard Galla
  • The starost of Krapkowice, Mr. Maciej Sonik
  • Mayor of Krapkowice - Mr. Andrzej Kasiura
  • Pastor of the Otmęt Parish, Fr. Jerzy Mądry
  • Director of OCRG - Roland Wrzeciono
  • Architects: Aleksanda Caba with colleagues from the CGA Office in Wrocław
  • Architect Rainer Thieken and Hanna Kosmann from Dorsten, Germany
  • General Contractor - K&K Hydrobud - co-owner of the company, Mr. Krzysztof Klein and his associates

The opening was also attended by a wide group of our current and potential customers - whom we would like to thank again for their trust and coming.

The traditional ribbon cutting was made by:

  • Ernst Nordlohne - co-owner and member of the Supervisory Board of Paul Schockemoehle Logistics Group
  • Maciej Sonik - Starost of Krapkowice
  • Andrzej Kasiura - Mayor of Krapkowice
  • Tomasz Malejka - Warehouse Manager
  • Frank Pille - member of the management board
  • Damian Szampera - member of the management board

The parish priest Fr. Jerzy Mądry blessed our new facility.

We would like to thank all the guests from Poland and abroad, from near and far, to those who visited us for the next time and to those who were hosted for the first time for participating in the meeting.