New administration building

A new administration building was added to the office building in Mühlen.


DL Wuppertal

Transfer of tire logistics from Duisburg to Wuppertal. Thanks to better communication (BAB 46), we could operate even faster and more flexibly.


PSL Vechta

Establishment of additional storage areas in Vechta and Bakum. Thanks to that, it was possible to expand production capacities within the scope of construction of displays and beverage logistics.


PSL Vechta

Acquisition of the beverage leader on the market and establishment of PSL Vechta GmbH with the goal of direct care over and implementation of the whole beverage logistics.


Development of the logistics center in Krapkowice.

Extension of the storage area up to 8000m2


Logistics center in Steinfeld

Launch of a new logistics center with the focus in form of automated cleaning of the production and generation of additional production capacities.


Centralization of logistics for construction materials

Centralization of logistics for construction materials in our location in Neustadt-Glewe. All transports of construction materials were coordinated from that facility with the use of open cranes and forklifts.



Launch of the first logistics center in Holdorf, Dinklager Str. 17a. From that time, it served as a central unloading point within the area automotive logistics and tire logistics, as well as for conventional transports.


Complete division of the location in Dessau

Change of the name of the company Spedition und Logistik Wilfried Lehmann GmbH & Co KG to Paul Schockemöhle Logistics Dessau GmbH.


Damme Schacht

Purchase of new indoor space in the location in order to address the increasing demand on storage capacities.



Moving from Zdzieszowice to Krapkowice. Construction of a new office building with an included storage facility.


New partners in Mannheim

Opening of a branch in Mannheim. After acquisition of a chemical concern (a leader on the market), a long-awaited request of the branch in southern Germany was executed.



Due to various business with new customers in the area of Münsterland, the opening of the branch in Gronau was a logical step to meet the increasing requirements.


A coherent occurrence on the market

The company Paul Schockemöhle Logistics GmbH & Co. KG was formed from the company Spedition und Logistik Paul Schockemöhle. What is more, DL Dammer Logistik changed its name to Paul Schockemöhle Logistics Damme GmbH.


Purchase of Damme Schacht

Here, the cornerstone for value added services (that went beyond services related to transport and warehousing) was placed.


pansion of storage capacity

Due to the increasing capacity, in 2004, the locations of Mühlen (storage facility in Mühlen, Kötterhof 1 Andreas Pöppelmann Speditions-GmbH), Damme (construction of a new storage facility), and in the location of Seelmannstr (construction of a new location at Seelmannstr. 24) were expanded.


DL Duisburg

Opening of the trans-shipment warehouse in Duisburg. The main focus of that location was trans-shipment and distribution of tires for the whole Ruhr District and a part of southern Lower Saxony.



PS Truck Wash GmbH was launched in Holdorf. In the direct vicinity of highway A1, directly next to the highway exit in Holdorf, a group of Paul Schockemöhle companies existed as a new service center with a store and a car-wash for all fabricates. PS Truck Wash specialized in interior and exterior cleaning of tanks with washing heads and drying installations.


DL Dammer Logistik

Establishment of DL Dammer Logistik GmbH. The focus of the undertaking was the scope of warehousing and tire logistics. (acquisition of the former Gausepohl facility in Damme, Südring 20, in June 2001)


Branch in Poland

By establishment of the branch Spedycja I Logistyka Paul Schockemöhle Polska with its registered office in PL- Zdzieszowice, the company Paul Schockemöhle Logistics satisfied the requirements of the market.


New administration building

A new administration building was added to the original office building in Mühlen. Consequently, the office useful floor area of about 1,100 m² was available and all the departments of the company were located there.



Opening of a branch in Neustadt-Gleewe. Here, we concentrated on transport of construction materials in open cranes.


Branch in Hennickendorf

After the reunification of Germany, after Dessau, the situation became stable in nine German districts, including the town of Hennickendorf.


New partner in Dessau

In Dessau, together with the transport entrepreneur, Wilfried Lehmann, a forwarding and logistics company was established - Wilfried Lehmann GmbH & Co KG.

1989 bis 1998

Expansion of storage premises

In years 1989, 1993, and 1998, the storage area was expanded through construction of new storage facilities (storage facilities I – III) in the town of Mühlen, Rienshof 2. In 1995, a storage facility was added in the industrial area in Steinfield. As a result, the company could offer indoor storage space of 11,150 m².



Opening of the first branch in Westerstede. Here, the focus was put on expanding the area of logistics of construction materials. Later on, the cornerstone for establishment of logistics of coolers was placed.


Moving to the industrial area in Mühlen, Rienshof 2

Originally, the company premises were located in Hof Schockemöhle at Münsterlandstraße in Mühlen. From that location, on 15.12.1984, the company moved with 13 employees to a new building with an adjoining workshop, storage facility, and parking lots for trucks within the industrial area in Mühlen, Rienshof 2.


Change of company name

The company name was changed to "Spedition Paul Schockemöhle".


Establishment of Speditions- und Landhandelsgesellschaft by Paul Schockemöhle

The undertaking started with 2 silo trucks, then was expanded by another 8 trucks.