• 2019

    TMS class system

    Introduction of a new LIS Winsped® TMS system at Paul Schockemoehle Logistics Polska

  • 2018

    Opening of the warehouse in Krapkowice

    Opening of a new warehouse with an area of 8,000 sq m in Krapkowice

  • 2018

    Branch in Bydgoszcz

    Opening on 02-01-2018 of the branch of Paul Schockemoehle Logistics Polska in Bydgoszcz

  • 2017

    A new logistics warehouse

    Beginning of the construction of another logistic warehouse with an area of 8,000 sq m in Krapkowice

  • 2016

    A new administrative building

    A new administrative building was added to the office building in Mühlen.

  • 2015

    DL Wuppertal

    Moving logistics of tires from Duisburg to Wuppertal. Thanks to a better route (BAB 46) even faster and more flexible operation has become possible for us.

  • 2014

    PSL Vechta

    Creation of additional warehouse space in Vechta and Bakum. Thanks to this, it was possible to extend the production capacity in the area of display construction and beverage logistics.

  • 2013

    Expansion of the logistics center in Krapkowice

    Enlargement of the current warehouse to 8,000 sqm

  • 2013

    PSL Vechta

    Acquiring the leader of the beverage market and establishing PSL Vechta GmbH with the aim of direct care and implementation of the entire beverage logistics.

  • 2013

    Logistics center in Steinfeld

    Opening of a new logistics center with focus on automated cleaning of production and creation of additional production capacities.

  • 2012

    Centralization of logistics of building materials

    Centralization of logistics of building materials in our location in Neustadt-Glewe. From here, the entire transport of building materials is coordinated with open cranes and forklifts.

  • 2009


    Launch of the first logistics center in Holdorf, Dinklager Str. 17a. From now on, it serves as the central unloading point in the areas of automotive logistics and tire logistics, as well as for conventional transports.